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Our former students are practicing doctors, lawyers, artists, actors, engineers, teachers, clergy, therapists, directors, technology gurus, pundits, social media experts, designers, moguls, athletes, professors, admissions officers, entrepreneurs, managers, agents, diplomats, performers, musicians, writers, journalists, managers, CEOs, and politicians. We don’t see barriers; instead, we encourage our students to seek opportunities and reveal their potential through our commitment to their success.


We poke, prod, ask, and listen to identify a student’s strengths and goals. We find the gaps and help you shore them up. By following our roadmap, students will understand their admissions chances and maximize their admissions profiles when they apply to college.


We formulate a unique plan to highlight a student’s strengths and help them stand out in impactful ways. We help students develop a college application list that reflects their ideal college matches and their interests.

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We streamline the process of selecting colleges that fit and teach students how to easily execute the components needed for success. During the application process we help students and parents by supplying an abundance of confidence, enthusiasm, organization, experience, and support.

Other Services

Personal Statements & Essays

Students say the essays are the most intimidating part of the college application process. Q&A can help you organize your essays, strategize topics, and guide you toward writing effective pieces and personal statements that will present the best of you who you are and get you to an admit!

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Q&A holds periodic workshops for our clients to enhance the process and provide additional information in group settings so you can learn from your peers. We break down all the details into simple, easy to understand elements.

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Online Courses

Q&A provides online group classes that can be experienced live or you can view the recorded version on your own time. We understand you are busy and trying to accomplish so much. Our online courses allow you to get the same information in a convenient delivery system.

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Transfer Process

Ready to make a change? Q&A can help you navigate the transfer application and sort out the details of what it means to transfer, how to approach your next step and filling in the missing pieces of your puzzle.

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