Transfer Guidance

So the college you chose wasn’t the right fit? Or it’s time to transfer from a community college to a four-year institution. Q&A can help you get organized, and understand the requirements for the institution(s) you are hoping to attend.

At Q&A we can help you navigate the transfer process by developing a strategy and plan specific to your goals. It is just as important the second time around!
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What’s driving your decision?
Let’s look under the hood and take a hard look at why you want to transfer. Does the school not offer the major you are looking for or are you homesick? Let us help you address the symptoms as well as the problem. Starting your life over takes time and energy and that’s an investment you will need to make wherever you go, we can help.

Pros and Cons
We will help you create a list of what you are missing in the college you are currently attending. As you begin researching it’s a good idea to prioritize what is most important to you.

Let us help you determine what units will transfer to what colleges. Most schools have articulation agreements with other schools but we can help you fill in the blanks with classes you may need to make transferring more seamless.

Let’s determine in detail why you are applying to a specific institution. We will help you to create a list that fits your goals.

Applying Early?
It depends – but often it’s a good way to show a college how serious you are by applying early and often there are fewer transfer spots so the regular pool may be extra competitive. Most often you will need to apply early to qualify for financial aid and/or merit money. We can help you determine if that’s the strategy for you as a transfer.

Financial Aid
Let’s discuss your financial aid picture. Many colleges have limited financial aid for transfer students and you will always have to fill out the FAFSA each year regardless but we can help you identify colleges that are a financial fit too..

Transfer Requirements
Transferring can be a complicated puzzle. Q&A will help you get organized and be sure that you have all the required units and documentation that your colleges require.

Time to Apply (Consider Fall or Spring Options)
Deadlines are critical! Many transfer applications are due after freshman deadlines but in order to receive financial aid or merit money the deadlines maybe sooner. Also, check your specific major as many departments, especially the fine and performing arts will have earlier deadlines due to their competitive nature.

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