9th and 10th Grades

Your roadmap for success begins now.

By following our roadmap, students will understand their admissions chances and maximize their admissions profiles when they apply to college. During the application process we help students and parents by supplying an abundance of confidence, enthusiasm, organization, experience, and support.


Our 9th and 10th grade packages are customized to fit the needs of each student by meeting them where they are in the process. While some students may need academic advising and a standardized testing plan, or summer and extracurricular planning and advisement, others may need something more comprehensive which includes an introduction to college knowledge, and a complete roadmap going forward.

Short in-person consultations that provide a detailed overview as it pertains to your student are also available.



9th Grade
We help you develop and review:

  • An academic profile
  • Through assessment testing and personalized consultations, an understanding your abilities and strengths (some may surprise you!).
  • Your co-curricular/extra-curricular activities
  • Important individual qualities such as:
    • Diversity/equality/intersectional knowledge and inclusiveness.
    • Participation and meaningful community engagement/service commitments.
    • Involvement in internships, research, or work, which helps you discover your future professional interests.

10 Grade
We help you:

  • Plan and keep track of school activities in which you demonstrate your talents, leadership, and collaboration skills
  • Consider your summer plans, which may include attending summer programs, research, job shadowing, or work
  • Discover your strengths, including your major and career interests, through a variety of assessments
  • Reach out to coaches, performing arts programs or any other specialized area you may be interested in
  • Build your college major profile and monitor your academic progress. For instance, if you are interested in the health professions, science, or technology (STEM) we help you choose courses and activities that will help you stand out within the most competitive admissions processes.

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